Lindsay Rosenfeld

2003 Public Policy Summer Fellow

May 1, 2003
Graduate Degree:Harvard School of Public Health
Undergraduate Degree:Brown University
Areas of Interest:Health disparities, health promotion and program design, health literacy and violence prevention
Mentor:Ellaine Ullian, President of the Boston Medical Center
Agency:Massachusetts Department of Public Health in the Violence and Injury Prevention Division
Supervisor:Beth Jacklin, Director, Violence and Injury Prevention Division
Project Description:Lindsay focused on two major projects. In one she crafted recommendations for a long-term plan concerning how the Department of Public Health and specifically the Violence and Injury Prevention Division will address youth violence, as well as created plain language, publicly available resources concerning youth violence. In the second project, she revised work plans and wrote memos to facilitate assessment processes in the CARE Communities Project, a demonstration project of localized service networks serving victims and children exposed to violence, and perpetrators of intimate partner violence in four geographic and culturally-based communities in Massachusetts