Margaret Keaveny

2012 Radcliffe/Rappaport Doctoral Summer Fellow

May 24, 2012

Graduate School:Northeastern University
Undergraduate School:Acadia University, Nova Scotia
Areas of interest:Economic Development
Mentors: Phil Puccia, Morgan Stanley Securities and Kate Moloney, Doctoral Student, University of Albany
Placement:Massachusetts Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development
Supervisor:Victoria Maguire, State Permit Ombudsman and Director
Project description:This summer Margaret had the opportunity to work in the Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development. Her major project was the crafting of a guidebook that focused on four public financing programs that target infrastructure investment. The sole objective was to provide community leaders, developers and business owners with a working knowledge of the process of implementing and utilizing public financing programs that support neighborhood revitalization and to allow communities and businesses to evaluate which program best fits their needs and goals.

The public financing programs identified in the report, give communities and developers the tools needed to establish a funding mechanism to address local needs to support economic development. The Business Improvement Districts (BID), District Improvement Financing (DIF), Infrastructure Investment Incentive Program (I-CUBED) and the newly created Local Infrastructure Development Program are all designed to promote new investment in targeted areas where infrastructure, community assets, and transit opportunities are operational. These targeted public financing programs aim to renew the vitality, livability, and sustainability of the area by empowering municipalities with the tools to finance local infrastructure improvements through assessments, bond issuance, and tax increment financing.

The initiative allowed her not only to speak and meet with individuals from MassDevelopment, the Executive Office of Administration and Finance, the Department of Housing and Community Development, and members from communities across the State, but it gave her the opportunity to see government in action. The guidebook, A Guidebook of Massachusetts Public Financing Programs for Infrastructure Investment, will be launched on the Executive Office of Housing and Economic website and will be accessible to all municipalities, agencies and individuals in October 2012.

Margaret says that the staff, faculty and mentors of the Rappaport Institute are a group of engaging, outgoing and thoughtful individuals who provide guidance and support to the Fellows. I am forever indebted to the Rappaport family and the Rappaport Institute for the opportunity to learn and work for a summer with members from the Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development, who inspire me through their dedication and unrelenting hard work. Finally, the Rappaport Fellowship introduced me to a myriad of future leaders in the Commonwealth. Their expertise added enormous value to my fellowship. The Rappaport Fellowship is truly an exceptional program. And I am forever grateful for this life changing opportunity.