Melissa Threadgill

2013 Public Policy Summer Fellow

May 29, 2013
Graduate Degree:Harvard Kennedy School
Undergraduate Degree:Oberlin College
Area of Interest:Performance Management
Mentors: Meghan Haggerty, MassPort
Agency:Massachusetts Department of Youth Services
Supervisor:Crystal Collier, Chief of Staff
Project Description:This summer Melissa worked with the Massachusetts Department of Youth Services (the Commonwealth’s juvenile justice agency) on two key projects. First, she developed a proposal for a performance management system DYS could use to track community outcomes for youth in their care. This involved developing a list of outcomes to be measured, drafting sample reports demonstrating how the information could be used once collected, and creating a series of automated spreadsheets that could be used to collect and aggregate this information. Second, she interviewed 50+ DYS staff members in all 5 regions of the state (from entry-level staff to the Commissioner) to diagnose problems the agency had been having with recruitment, turnover, morale and divisional silos and then recommended solutions for overcoming these challenges.