Neil Veilleux

2009 Public Policy Summer Fellow

May 1, 2009

Graduate Degree:Tufts University
Undergraduate Degree:Swanee: University of the South
Areas of interest:Economic Development and transportation
Mentor:Paul Scapicchio, Mintz Levin Strategies
Agency:Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources and the Massachusetts Renewable Energy Trust
Supervisors:Dwayne Breger, Division Director, Renewable and Alternative Energy Development, Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources and Carter Wall, Executive Director, Massachusetts Renewable Energy Trust
Project Description:During his fellowship, Neil analyzed the relationships between utilities, electric generators, ratepayers, solar developers, and regulators – with the goal of creating viable, production-based market incentives to stimulate solar photovoltaic (PV) development in Massachusetts. In his research, he described and evaluated methods (financial, structural, political, etc.) employed by other states to encourage solar. Ultimately, under the direction of senior policy-makers at the Department of Energy Resources (DOER), he formulated cost-effective policy options to stimulate solar PV development for Massachusetts.

Neil says "My experience as a Rappaport fellow afforded me the opportunity to work with senior state policy-makers on renewable energy issues that I believe are important. Moreover, I attended summer sessions with a variety of experts and practitioners from disciplines covering water, energy, and housing policy (to name only a few). During my workday and the after work sessions, I learned, discussed, and applied skills essential to making sensible policy that will improve our local communities and state economy."