Rachel Klein

2001 Public Policy Summer Fellow

May 1, 2001
Graduate Degree:Harvard Kennedy School
Undergraduate Degree:Univeristy of Michigan
Areas of Interest:Education and poverty issues
Mentor:Christopher Gabrielli, Massachusetts 2020
Agency:Boston Public Schools
Supervisors: Marty Walz, Director of Human Resources and Rachel Curtis, Associate Director of Human Resources
Project Description:Rachel worked at the Boston Public Schools. She had two distinct projects that centered on teacher recruitment and training. First, She worked for the Director and Associate Director of Human Resources to develop a plan for substitute teacher recruitment, selection, training and retention. Although BPS only filled about 60% of their need for substitutes on any given school day, there was no formal plan for increasing the pool of subs, the quality of subs, or the quality of life for substitute teachers. She helped BPS think about all of these factors, and wrote an action plan that was approved and launched as the Substitute Teacher Initiative in August, 2001. Her second project was to help the Teaching and Learning group think about alternative certification programs for new teachers. Boston faces a teacher shortage, as do most school districts around the country, and has begun to think about ways to increase the pool of incoming teachers. Many school districts, including many large urban districts, have implemented alternative certification programs to train and certify new entrants to the teaching profession more rapidly than do traditional teacher education programs.