Rebecca Haessig

2006 Public Policy Summer Fellow

May 1, 2006
Rebecca Haessig Graduate Degree: Harvard Kennedy School
Undergraduate Degree: University of Virginia
Areas of interest: Government performance management
Agency: City of Somerville, SomerStat Office
Supervisor: Stephanie Hirsch, SomerStat Director
Project Description: Rebecca Haessig worked in the Mayor’s Office of the City of Somerville at the SomerStat Department for the city’s SomerStat Director, Stephanie Hirsch. Her project builded upon ongoing efforts to transform how the City of Somerville delivers customer service. Rebecca worked on developing a multi-year customer service improvement plan for the city. With the goal of developing a model that best serves the city’s customer service needs, this project entailed working with city departments that have contact with constituents to 1) take stock of existing procedures, staffing, and facilities; 2) analyze the volume of customer service activity; and, 3) survey constituent attitudes of customer service. These findings, in conjunction with best practices from other cities, served as the basis for developing a phased approach to customer service improvement, and helped establish Somerville as a national leader in municipal customer service delivery.