Rebecca Lobb

2007 Public Policy Summer Fellow

May 1, 2007
Graduate Degree: Harvard School of Public Health
Undergraduate Degree:Boston University
Areas of interest:Public health disparities
Agency:Massachusetts Department of Public Health
Supervisor:Mary Lou Woodford, Director, Women's Health Network
Project description:Rebecca worked with the Women’s Health Network (WHN) in the Massachusetts Department of Public Health to complete two projects. The WHN is a program that provides free breast and cervical cancer screenings to low income women. The first project was to make recommendations to improve the measure of breast cancer screening assessed and reported in the Screening Mammography in Massachusetts Report, an annual report published by the state. The second project was to develop research questions for a contract the WHN was establishing with the Harvard University Department of Public Health Practice to analyze 10 years of cancer screening data on low income women. Activities related to this project consisted of searching existing research on breast and cervical cancer, reviewing the data structure and content of archived files from the WHN program, and monitoring the evolving regulations on coverage of medical services for low income women provided by the Commonwealth Health Plans and the Free Care Pool. Rebecca will continue to work with the WHN, throughout the remainder of her doctoral program, to oversee the implementation of changes she recommended for the Screening Mammography in Massachusetts Reportand completion of the deliverables outlined in the contract between the WHN and Harvard University.