Ryan Fattman

2008 Public Policy Summer Fellow

May 1, 2008
Graduate Degree:Tufts University
Undergraduate Degree:Suffolk Univesity
Areas of interest:Housing
Mentor:Jim Segel, special counsel to U.S. Representative Barney Frank
Supervisor:Kevin Mello
Project description:At MassHousing, under the supervision of Kevin Mello, Ryan Fattman researched several aspects of the recent foreclosure/ sub-prime lending debacle. First, he briefly researched MassHousing’s Home Saver program and pieces of legislation that address the foreclosure crisis, analyzing their successes and failures. He also inspected an alternative policy approach of promoting new and first time home ownership, as opposed to housing retention-oriented policies. Finally, he analyzed the housing market in Massachusetts, aggregating housing statistics, ranging from levels of homeownership, delinquency rates, foreclosures rates, and housing valuations. This data was used to determine if policies promoting first time home ownership of foreclosed properties are wise to consider for mitigation of the housing crisis.