Sana Shaikh

May 31, 2016
Sana Shaikh
Graduate Degree: Brandeis University
Undergraduate Degree: University of California, Berkeley
Area of Interest: Education Issues
Mentors: Tom Keane, Consultant and Kristen Joyce, Mathematica
Agency: Boston Public Schools
Supervisor: Jonathan Sproul, Director, School/Community Partnerships
Project Description: Sana worked in the Office of School-Community Partnerships at Boston Public Schools. Sana initially did an extensive literature review, specifically focusing on how school districts defined partner, partnership, and quality standards. She researched and culled partnership tool kits to help BPS identify best practices throughout the country. Because Boston Public Schools wanted to create coherent and consistent definitions within the school district, Sana was charged with developing a comprehensive definitional framework. To achieve this deliverable, Sana interviewed 15 respondents: academics, BPS employees, and partner organizations. She developed a survey that was disseminated to funded partners and a subset of partner organizations. That data was then analyzed and helped solidify BPS’s quality standards. Throughout this process, Sana had regular check-ins with her director and BPS’s senior leadership team, to understand and get feedback on her final deliverable.