Shoma Haque

2004 Public Policy Summer Fellow

May 1, 2004
Graduate Degree:MIT, Department of Urban Studies and Planning
Undergraduate Degree:University of Pennsylvania
Areas of interest:Economic development
Mentor:Jerry Rappaport, Jerome Lyle Rappaport Charitable Foundation
Agency:Department of Housing and Economic Development, City of Somerville
Supervisor:Ezra Haber Glenn, Director, Office of Strategic Planning and Community Development
Project Description:Shoma Haque worked at the City of Somerville’s Office of Strategic Planning & Community Development, focusing on economic revitalization initiatives for Union Square. Her main project was to act as the project manager for the implementation of the Union Square Main Street (USMS) program. USMS will be a non-profit organization with the goal of commercial district revitalization through historic preservation and economic development. This project required meeting with various stakeholders of Union Square in order to raise awareness about Main Street, organize them into a cohesive group, and begin the process of starting a Main Street program. An additional project was to lay the foundation for a farmers’ market in Union Square, to be launched in summer 2005. Ms. Haque met with dozens of farmers and organized community groups, and began the process of planning implementation. Both a farmers’ market and Union Square Main Streets will hopefully lead to a more livable and economically healthy Union Square.