Theodora Simon

2015 Rappaport Public Policy Summer Fellows

May 1, 2015
Theodora Simon
Graduate Degree: Harvard Kennedy School
Undergraduate Degree: University of San Francisco
Area of Interest: Women's Advancement Issues
Mentors: Dan Kennedy, Northeastern University's School of Journalism and Amy Moran Lowe, Government Accountability Office
Agency: Office of Women's Advancement, City of Boston
Supervisor: Megan Costello, Commissioner
Project Description: Tedde spent the summer with the Mayor’s Office of Women’s Advancement (MOWA) at Boston’s City Hall. She worked alongside staff of the Mayor’s Office of New Bostonians in an effort to broaden city efforts to combat wage theft, especially in immigrant and low-wage industries. Through this research, she had the opportunity to meet with a multitude of community organizations, workers centers, and advocates addressing these issues, and connect these community groups with liaisons at the city for long-term coordination. She participated in the development of a long-term campaign for diversification of city procurement, with MOWA and the Office of Diversity, to increase Boston’s spending with women and minority-owned businesses.