Victoria Wolff

2008 Public Policy Summer Fellow

May 1, 2008
Graduate Degree:MIT
Undergraduate Degree:Williams College
Areas of interest:Economic Development and transportation
Agency:Boston Redevelopment Authority
Supervisor:Jonathan Greeley, Community Planner
Project Description:While working with the Planning Division of the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA), Victoria Wolff focused on participatory planning in Roxbury. The Roxbury Strategic Master Plan Oversight Committee (RSMPOC), representing the diverse views of the community, wields an unusual amount of influence in working with the BRA to direct future development of the neighborhood. Following an RSMPOC- and BRA-led community process, Victoria helped to generate use and design guidelines for development of vacant parcels in Roxbury. These guidelines reflected community concerns and ideas ranging from stepped building heights to a preference for businesses that train and employ local residents. She also coordinated a report updating the Roxbury community on the RSMPOC's progress translating the community's objectives into action over the past four years. The completed report on the committee's successes will influence policies and procedures for participatory planning in other Boston neighborhoods.