Zachary Hughes

2011 PUblic Policy Summer Fellow

May 1, 2011

Graduate School:Harvard Kennedy School
Undergraduate School:Princeton University
Areas of interest:Performance Management
Mentors:Jerome Lyle Rappaport, Founder and Funder, Phyllis and Jerome Lyle Rappaport Charitable Foundation and Amy Dain, Consultant
Placement:Department of Administration and Finance, City of Boston Boston About Results Program
Supervisor:Devin Lyons-Quirk, Senior Project Manager for Performance
Project Description:Zachary Hughes spent his Fellowship working in the Office of the Mayor of the City of Boston on several different projects. Working mainly out of the Office of Administration and Finance, Zack's largest undertaking was the writing, designing, and overseeing of a survey of over a thousand constituents who had recently contacted the City with a service request. In collaboration with Devin Lyons-Quirk, a former Rappaport Fellow and the current head of Boston About Results, Zack conducted extensive analysis of the survey results to develop actionable information for the Mayor, his Chief of Staff, and other City managers. Other performance-related projects that Zack worked on included developing performance metrics for the Mayor's Office of Emergency Management and helping Boston About Results prepare a comprehensive communications strategy in advance of the launch of its new website, My summer as a Rappaport Fellow was a fantastic experience and one that really opened my eyes to the meaningful work being done at the city level. This summer, I saw how city government truly exists to serve people, and the fruits of our labors in city government are visible everyday in the vibrancy of our neighborhoods and the health of our communities. This lesson was particularly salient this summer, as my experience in city government stood in stark contrast to the spectacle of dysfunction that was playing out on the national level. Though this had not been my plan before the Fellowship, I now plan to look seriously at a career in local government upon graduation from the Harvard Kennedy School.

The Fellowship activities and weekly seminars were also incredibly valuable components of my summer as a Rappaport Fellow. From meetings with small businessmen to an up-close-and-personal tour of MCI-Concord, the seminars were consistently thought-provoking and illuminating. I looked forward to them every week, and I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn so much about my community and the Greater Boston area through them.