Rappaport Doctoral Policy Fellows

Doctoral students interested in a variety of policy-related issues are encouraged to apply to be Rappaport Summer Doctoral Public Policy Fellows.

Students selected as doctoral fellows will receive a $7,000 stipend to work full-time in positions with the City of Boston or in other state and local agencies in the Greater Boston area. Fellows work with their supervisors to develop projects that are of immediate value to practitioners while also furthering their own research. The four doctoral students also will join the masters’ degree students who are Rappaport Summer Public Policy Fellows for weekly activities.

Fellows in both programs can come from a wide range of policy-related fields and have worked on a variety of issues. Previous doctoral fellows – who are studying engineering, geography, sociology, urban planning, public health, and education – worked on issues such as the impact of ex-prisoners on local neighborhoods, locational choices made by recipients of Section 8 vouchers, reducing health disparities, and new ways to evaluate teachers.

The deadline for the 2016 fellowships is Friday, January 15, 2016.

Current Rappaport Public Policy Doctoral Fellows

Emeka Pascal Agudile 2015
Alexandra Ciomek 2015
James Ostis 2015
Diana Serrano 2015

Past Radcliffe/Rappaport Doctoral Fellows

Charles Brackett 2014
Tolani Britton 2014
Rebecca Cudmore 2014
Conor Gately 2014
Gilberto Lopez 2014
Lauren Yoshizawa 2014
Mary Burkhauser 2013
Robey Champine 2013
Nathan Sanders 2013
Candy Brakewood 2012
Katherine Foo 2012
Margaret Keaveny 2012
Dahianna Lopez 2012
Ana Maria Nieto 2012
Kia Davis 2011
Eric Schultheis 2011
Jessica Simes 2011
Nicole Simon 2011

Doctoral Students Who Were Rappaport Public Policy Summer Fellows

Kevin Feeney 2010
Robert Goodspeed 2010
Lauren Lambie-Hanson 2010
Keith Cialino 2009
Sarah Fierberg Phillips 2009
Delia Kimbrel 2009
Michael Long 2009
Lauren Nicol 2008
Joshua Wakeham 2008
Leah (Bowe) O'Neill 2007
Rebecca Lobb 2007
Kate Moloney 2007
Hannah Thomas 2007
Christina Weiland 2007
Kaitlyn Kenney Walsh 2006
Diane Smith 2006
Christina Rosan 2005
Stephen Bird 2004
Shannon Hodge 2004