What's Happening

Former Visiting Scholar named World Economic Forum Young Global Leader

Taubman Center Announces Dissertation Fellowships in Urban Policy and Governance

Professor Robert Putnam is seeking a part time research assistant for Spring/Summer 2017

Government Performance Lab's technical assistance application for PFS project development and performance improvement projects is now open

Professor Paul Peterson receives prize for best academic paper on school choice and reform

Preparing for the next disaster: HKS hosts conference on disaster recovery

HKS Government Performance Lab celebrates announcements in Denver, South Carolina, and Connecticut

Program on Education Policy and Governance launching fellowships in Education Entrepreneurship

Mayor Walsh releases report on Innovation Districts created by Neighborhood Innovation District Committee

Professor Robert Putnam honored with Generations United Lifetime Achievement Award

PEPG Director Paul E. Peterson and Professor Martin Walsh pen op-ed on forced union payments in The Wall Street Journal

Rappaport Institute Executive Director Named to Massachusetts Department of Transportation Board of Directors

The Government Performance Lab at HKS to provide technical assistance for U.S. cities 

Professor Robert Putnam discusses his book "Our Kids" on CBS News

MBTA special panel releases report and plan of action

Moneyball for Government at the John F. Kennedy, Jr. Forum

Professor Edward Glaeser presents the keynote lecture at Roma Tre University

State and Local Governments Receive Assistance to Launch Pay for Success Projects Across the Country

Professor Robert Putnam's latest book is reviewed by the New York Times



Taubman in the News

Upcoming Events

Massachusetts Health Care in the Trump Era

Perspectives on Leadership Series: Senator Linda Dorcena-Forry

Boston Public School Transportation Challenge Kickoff Event

Perspectives on Leadership Series: Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs Matthew Beaton

Perspectives on Leadership Series: Boston City Councilor Andrea Campbell


Research & Publications

Why Performance Measures Get a Bad Rap by Bob Behn

The Labor of Division: Returns to Compulsory High School Math Coursework by Joshua Goodman

You Can't Manage What You Can't Message by Bob Behn

Can Online Delivery Increase Access to Education? by Joshua Goodman, Julia Melkers, and Amanda Pallais

If You Build It... by Edward L. Glaeser

Leveling the Playing Field: Strategies for Schools Serving At-Risk Students in Elementary Schools in Massachusetts by Lucy Boyd, Amy Chandran, and Jonathan Hui

Putting America to Work, Where? The Limits of Infrastructure Construction as a Locally-Targeted Employment Policy by Andy Garin

"No More Credit Score": Employer Credit Check Bans and Signal Substitution by Robert Clifford and Daniel Shoag

Green Bonds and Land Conservation: The Evolution of a New Financing Tool by Carolyn M. duPont, James N. Levitt, and Linda J. Bilmes

Evaluating Mitigation Effort: Tools and Institutions for Assessing Nationally Determined Contributions by Joseph Aldy

A Theory of Civil Disobedience by Edward L. Glaeser and Cass R. Sunstein

Car-Sharing and Public Parking in Boston by Suthen Paradatheth, 2015 Taubman Center Urban Prize Winner

An Extrapolative Model of House Price Dynamics by Edward L. Glaeser and Charles G. Nathanson

Uncertainty and the Geography of the Great Recession by Daniel Shoag and Stan Veuger

Carbon Sequestration in the U.S. National Parks: A Value Beyond Visitation by Linda J. Bilmes

Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis by Robert D. Putnam

Representation in the Classroom: The effect of own-race teachers on student achievement by Anna J. Egalite, Brian Kisida, and Marcus A. Winters

Lobbying: Business, Law and Public Policy by Mark Fagan

College Access, Initial College Choice and Degree Completion by Joshua Goodman, Michael Hurwitz, and Jonathan Smith

Experimentally Estimated Impacts of School Vouchers on College Enrollment and Degree Attainment by Matthew M. Chingos and Paul E. Peterson

Natural Disaster Management in the Asia-Pacific editors Caroline Brassard, David Giles, and Arn M. Howitt











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