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Seventeen data-driven strategies state and local governments are using to improve results for children and families.


Over 400 interviews with 60 families show the food security challenges many are facing during the COVID-19 crisis. 


What makes an urban mobility pilot successful?


A new working paper examines the impact of car ownership on voter turn-out, including a look at in-person versus absentee voting rates. 


Taubman Center research covers many areas of social and urban policy topics, ranging from urban mobility to economic development to education. 

Taubman Center experts are available for questions about implementing strategies and solutions. 

The Taubman Center helps to match students looking for projects and internships with local and state governments. 

COVID-19 Response in San Antonio, Texas

"When the City of San Antonio needed help distributing $27M in COVID-19 relief to small businesses as quickly, effectively, and equitably as possible, I jumped at the opportunity. I worked with City staff, partner nonprofits, and community organizations to develop wraparound services to promote financial resiliency and wellness. As the child of small business owners, I understood how devastating COVID-19 has been for small businesses, and I saw firsthand how city government can marshal together the people and resources to offer meaningful support to their community."

Raina Gandhi, Dual MPA/MBA Student with HKS and Wharton

Learn more about the Autonomous Vehicles Policy Initiative, the Government Performance Lab, the Program on Crisis Leadership, the Program on Education Policy and Governance, and the Rappaport Institute for Greater Boston. 

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