The Harvard Kennedy School Autonomous Vehicles Policy Initiative

hosts a forum for information exchange, research and policy formulation regarding the social impacts of autonomous vehicles.

The Harvard Kennedy School Government Performance Lab

conducts research on how governments can improve the results they achieve for their citizens. An important part of our research model involves providing pro bono technical assistance to state and local governments. Through this hands-on involvement, we gain insights into the barriers that governments face and the solutions that can overcome these barriers. By engaging current students and recent graduates in this effort, we are able to provide experiential learning as well.

The Program on Crisis Leadership

directed by Dutch Leonard and Arnold Howitt, conducts research, develops teaching and research case studies, and mounts executive education programs that examine the challenges that leaders face in extraordinary circumstances.

The Program on Education Policy and Governance

founded and directed by Paul E. Peterson, (PEPG) has distinguished itself as a significant contributor to the systematic analysis of education policy and governing arrangements.

The Rappaport Institute for Greater Boston

is a university-wide entity housed at HKS that aims to improve the governance of greater Boston. Professor Jeffrey Liebman is the director and Kathryn Carlson is the executive director of the Institute.