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Self-driving cars, trucks, and other autonomous vehicles will fundamentally disrupt how policymakers need to think about urban planning, budgets, public transportation, and mobility in general in the coming years.

The Harvard Kennedy School Autonomous Vehicles Policy Initiative at the Taubman Center for State and Local Government (AVPI) aims to provide actionable analysis and practical help for the implementation of AVs to city, state, and federal governments. We consult to stakeholders both inside and outside of the United States.

Through research, teaching, and work with decision makers in administrations, with technologists and business leaders from AV companies and startups, and with other practicing professionals from the autonomous vehicles space, the initiative seeks to improve policymakers’ capacity to deal with a fast emerging technology. They find actionable policy and strategy options to create infrastructure that is livable for humans and AVs, and that helps to mitigate the social consequences of the AV revolution.

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We analyze the latest global developments from the fast-moving Autonomous Vehicles realm from a policy point of view. 


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First, we recommend our first blog post on our new medium blog - an introduction by Professor Mark Fagan, explaining who we are and what we would like to achieve here at the Kennedy School

Several news outlets analyze the broader implications of the recent accidents by Uber and Tesla for AV regulation.

Infrastructure for AVs is another topic that is in the focus of commentators this week.

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