We think about AV policy in five broad areas:

Land Use & Urban Planning, Public Transportation and Vehicle Ownership, Congestion, Health and Safety, Autonomous Vehicles policy around the globe.

For each of them, we have accumulated a short list of articles, both from academic publications and from news outlets, which we consider a good basis to have an informed discussion about each individual sub-topic. We update this page every few months to keep this AV policy knowledge toolkit up to speed with the rapid development of AVs.

Land Use & Urban Planning

  • Douglass-Jaimes, David. “How Driverless Cars Could, Should - and Shouldn’t - Reshape Our Cities.” ArchDaily, January 22, 2016. http://www.archdaily.com/780512/how-driverless-cars-could-should-and-shouldnt-reshape-our-cities.
  • Edmondson, David. “What Do Driverless Cars Mean for Suburban Planning?” The Greater Marin, February 16, 2015. https://thegreatermarin.wordpress.com/2015/02/16/what-do-driverless-cars-mean-for-suburban-planning/
  • Hudson, Paul. “How Driverless Cars Could Change the Urban Landscape.” The Telegraph. October 12, 2016. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/cars/features/how-driverless-cars-could-change-the-urban-landscape/.
  • Lubell, Samuel. “Here’s How Self-Driving Cars Will Transform Your City.” WIRED, October 21, 2016. https://www.wired.com/2016/10/heres-self-driving-cars-will-transform-city/.
  • Sisson, Patrick. “Driverless Cars Will Shrink Our Roads and Radically Reshape Urban Space - Curbed.” Curbed, May 26, 2016. http://www.curbed.com/2016/5/26/11787632/driverless-cars-will-shrink-our-roads-and-radically-reshape-urban.
  • Walker, Alissa. “How San Francisco Plans to Use Self-Driving Cars to Fix Its Housing Crisis.” Gizmodo. Accessed December 4, 2016. http://gizmodo.com/how-san-francisco-plans-to-use-self-driving-cars-to-fix-1778306148.

Public Transportation and Vehicle Ownership

  • Dia, Hussein. “Driverless Cars Will Change the Way We Think of Car Ownership.” The Conversation, November 5, 2015. http://theconversation.com/driverless-cars-will-change-the-way-we-think-of-car-ownership-50125.
  • Jaffe, Eric. “7 Benefits and 1 Huge Problem With a World Full of Driverless Taxis.” CityLab. Accessed December 4, 2016. http://www.citylab.com/tech/2015/04/7-benefits-and-1-huge-problem-with-a-world-of-driverless-taxis/391952/.
  • Knight, Will. “A Self-Driving Taxi Service Highlights the Uncanny Valley of Robotic Cars.” MIT Technology Review, October 18, 2016. https://www.technologyreview.com/s/602689/novelty-of-driverless-cars-wears-off-quickly-for-first-timers/.
  • Bettencourt, Luis. “The Driverless Car Revolution: Which Cities Will Lead?” Fortune.com, October 4, 2016. http://fortune.com/2016/10/04/driverless-cars-uber-lyft-google-baidu/.
  • Freemark, Yonah. “Will Autonomous Cars Change the Role and Value of Public Transportation?” The Transport Politic, June 23, 2015. http://www.thetransportpolitic.com/2015/06/23/will-autonomous-cars-change-the-role-and-value-of-public-transportation/.
  • Guala, Luca. “Driverless Buses Will Be More Transformative than Driverless Taxis.” Human Transit, November 29, 2014. http://humantransit.org/2014/11/luca-guala-driverless-buses-will-be-more-transformative-than-driverless-taxis.html.
  • Kilcoyne, Ron. “A Transit Manager on Driverless Cars.” Human Transit, January 28, 2013. http://humantransit.org/2013/01/a-transit-manager-on-driverless-cars-guest-post-by-ron-kilcoyne.html.


traffic jam
  • “Driverless Cars Could Create Huge Traffic Congestion Problems.” Claims Journal, May 17, 2016. http://www.claimsjournal.com/news/national/2016/05/17/270839.htm.
  • Karpilow, Quentin, and Clifford Winston. “A New Route to Increasing Economic Growth: Reducing Highway Congestion with Autonomous Vehicles.” Unpublished Paper, 2016. http://www.ditchley.co.uk/assets/media/Congestion%20Paper.pdf.
  • Kilcoyne, Ron. “Autonomous Vehicles and the VMT Problem.” Human Transit, November 13, 2015. http://humantransit.org/2015/11/a-veteran-transit-official-ponders-why-promoters-of-autonomous-vehicles-ignore-vmt-and-the-need-to-p.html.
  • Lowy, Joan. “Don’t Count on Robot Cars Easing Traffic Congestion.” The Register-Guard, May 22, 2016. http://projects.registerguard.com/rg/business/34373313-63/dont-count-on-robot-cars-easing-traffic-congestion.html.csp.
  • Schoettle, Brandon, and Michael Sivak. “Potential Impact of Self-Driving Vehicles on Household Vehicle Demand and Usage.” The University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, 2015. http://www.driverlesstransportation.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/UMTRI-2015-3.pdf.

Health & Safety

  • Condliffe, Jamie. “Humans Will Bully Mild-Mannered Autonomous Cars into Submissions on the Roads.” MIT Technology Review, November 3, 2016. https://www.technologyreview.com/s/602786/humans-will-bully-mild-mannered-autonomous-cars/.
  • Condliffe, Jamie. “Semi-Autonomous Cars Could Increase Distracted Driving Deaths.” MIT Technology Review, September 21, 2016. https://www.technologyreview.com/s/602441/semi-autonomous-cars-could-increase-distracted-driving-deaths/.
  • “Federal Automated Vehicles Policy: Accelerating the Next Revolution in Roadway Safety.” Washington, D.C.: United States Department of Transportation, 2016. https://www.transportation.gov/sites/dot.gov/files/docs/AV%20policy%20guidance%20PDF.pdf.
  • Kalra, Nidhi. “To Hit the Road, Driverless Cars Must Be Safe, Not Perfect.” The RAND Blog, January 29, 2015. http://www.rand.org/blog/2015/01/to-hit-the-road-driverless-cars-must-be-safe-not-perfect.html.
  • Kalra, Nidhi. “With Driverless Cars, How Safe Is Safe Enough?” The RAND Blog, February 1, 2016. http://www.rand.org/blog/2016/02/with-driverless-cars-how-safe-is-safe-enough.html.
  • “Moral Machine.” Moral Machine. Accessed December 4, 2016. http://moralmachine.mit.edu.
  • Rosenblum, Andrew. “The Federal Government May Set Rules for When a Car Can Kill Its Driver.” MIT Technology Review, September 2, 2016. https://www.technologyreview.com/s/602292/top-safety-official-doesnt-trust-automakers-to-teach-ethics-to-self-driving-cars/.

Autonomous Vehicles Policy Around The Globe

  • Israeli Regulators and Uber. https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3724128,00.html
  • German Test Area Autonomous Driving and Its Regulation. https://taf-bw.de/en/