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PEPG events are intended to create an open academic environment in which top scholars can present and discuss the best current thinking on education policy and governance. Towards this end, the program has hosted numerous conferences and seminars since its founding in 1996. And in 2003, we initiated the Education Policy Colloquium Series with the expressed purpose of providing the Harvard community with greater access to cutting-edge education research.

logo for conferenceSchool Choice in the Post-Pandemic Era

Oct. 8 — Dec. 10, 2021

In the period just before the pandemic broke, steady growth in school choice had begun to stall. The political consensus that had generated charter, tax-credit scholarship, and voucher experiments was beginning to fragment. But the direction of change shifted quickly with the onset of the pandemic. District-run schools diversified their approaches to education by shifting to online and hybrid instruction. Anxious parents also looked for alternatives to district-run schools. Many enrolled their children in charter and private schools or taught them at home. Neighborhood pods, tutors, and new approaches to digital learning suddenly became fashionable. Yet, it remains unclear how lasting these developments will be. Is the choice sector expanding once again? Are policymakers and the public at large determined to alter the shape of American education? Is the meaning of school choice undergoing fundamental change? Or, will the country’s education system return to traditional forms?

These are some of the questions to be explored in "School Choice in the Post-Pandemic Era," a virtual webinar series to be held weekly from Oct. 8 to Dec. 10, 2021.

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