Greater Boston Applied Field Learning Lab: Advanced Budgeting, Financial Management and Operations (MLD-412) is an experience-learning lab course that enables students to work on financial and operational challenges in the local community. This course is taught by Linda Bilmes, Daniel Patrick Moynihan Senior Lecturer in Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School. Projects for the course typically include work in the cities of Boston, Somerville, Cambridge, departments of the state of MA, the MBTA, local infrastructure projects, local congressional offices and budgetary/operational challenges.

Additional course work includes training in advanced relevant analytical skills, such as GIS mapping and financial spreadsheet modeling. There is extensive fieldwork. Students who complete the course are eligible to apply for paid summer follow-on work in the field or conducting research on the relevant datasets.

Prerequisite: Basic analytical skills in budget/finance/accounting (demonstrated through course work such as MLD-411, MLD-411M, MLD-401M, API-401, or similar) or MBA program; and permission of the instructor. Applicants are required to submit a short statement of interest.

For further information, please contact Ellen Gallagher, Program Manager for Rappaport Greater Boston Applied Field Learning Lab.