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Current Fellows

Allan FranklinAllan Franklin

Graduate School: Harvard Kennedy School
Placement: Harvard Kennedy School
Mentors: Amy Mahler, Harvard Kennedy School and former Rappaport/Boston Urban Scholar and Stevie Olson, Senior Analyst for Capital Outlay, New Mexico Legislative Finance Committee
Supervisor: Professor Justin de Benedictis-Kessner
Project Description: Allan worked with Professor Justin de Benedictis-Kessner to synthesize data from US cities, including Boston and others, to research the equitable distribution of infrastructure resources such as sidewalks and street paving and the role of political participation in these patterns. Through his work this summer, Allan looked to deepen his knowledge of municipal government decision-making and expanded his understanding of how politics plays a key role in successful infrastructure.


Pedro GonzalezPedro Gonzalez

Graduate School: Harvard Kennedy School
Placement: Brockton, MA
Mentors: Victoria Orozco, Research Officer, The Lindy Institute for Urban Innovation and David Friedman, Special Counsel, The Boston Red Sox and Rappaport Institute Advisory Board Member
Supervisors: Kerry Richards, Chief of Staff and Danielle Littman, Policy and Intergovernmental Affairs Associate
Project Description: During the summer, Pedro worked with the city hall of Brockton, where he focused on community engagement and communication strategies that will help the city implement the local policies related to pedestrian safety more effectively. He conducted a landscape analysis of different community engagement strategies across public and nonprofit actors to create a benchmark of strategies and frameworks that will allow Brockton to improve their pedestrian safety. He also had the chance to meet with Brocktonians that shared their experiences with him and their hopes to have a place where their children can walk safely. Through this project he highlighted innovative and effective strategies such as walk audits, the Street Ambassador program, quick surveys and pilots that have in the long term a better outcome than the traditional community meetings and surveys that the city is currently doing.


Bobby WangBobby Wang

Graduate School: Harvard Graduate School of Design
Placement: Revere, MA
Mentors: Ben Forman, Director of Research, MassINC and Victoria Orozco, Research Officer, The Lindy Institute for Urban Innovation
Supervisor: Tech Leng, Director of Planning and Community Development
Project Description:  Bobby worked with the City of Revere and the MAPC on how inclusionary zoning can be structured to advance the City’s affordable housing goals. He started his summer with a survey of current housing conditions, culminating in a database of all multifamily housing development to occur in the last decade. This data was first synthesized to highlight inequities and opportunities under conditions, then used to model how different policy parameters could increase affordable housing production, affect development incentives, and how this all varies between geographies and submarkets. Finally, he made policy recommendations to the city and regional staff that advocated for a balance between maximizing affordable housing production and maintaining administrative simplicity.