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HKS Transition Term

Transition Term is a program for Harvard graduate students to work in the transition offices of newly-elected Mayors and Governors during January Term. Students complete short, meaningful projects while learning how an executive team moves from campaigning to governing.

Student Commitment
Students will work in teams of two or three to support the new administration both remotely during the fall and in-person in January.
1. Student teams will engage with their city or state partners in November to scope projects, learn about top priorities, and complete short research projects remotely from Cambridge.
2. Student teams will then work in-person with their city or state partners from January 2nd to 17th as part of Harvard’s January Term schedule. Students will support a senior report to the new Mayor or Governor, and they will be flexible and open to the evolving needs of the administration. With access to sensitive information, students will commit to confidentiality.

City and State Commitment
City and state leads will support student in their November research projects and January work placements. Leads commit to including students in high-level strategic meetings and to providing students with context and guidance. Leads will benefit from their dedicated HKS student team, and the Mayors’ and Governors’ Offices that participate may also explore additional HKS student support in the future through research or policy analysis, summer fellowships, or post-graduation employment. There is no cost to the cities or states to participate in the program. Student stipends are provided by Harvard.

Potential Projects
2019 Transition Term student teams completed a wide variety of projects based on their partner needs, including research, data analysis, drafting memos or orders, tracking legislation and organizing outreach.

Transtion Term Map