Policy Analysis Exercise (PAE)

The Policy Analysis Exercise (PAE) is the capstone experience to the MPP curriculum, providing an opportunity to integrate the skills and knowledge MPP candidates have gained during their time at HKS.  An appli​​ed thesis, the PAE is different from a traditional research paper in that students are required to engage with a client organization and to develop a series of recommendations to solve a policy or management problem or question for that organization.  

For state and local governments, click here to learn more about becoming a PAE client. Please reach out to Rafael Carbonell with any questions.  

Students can visit the PAE page on Knet for more information about PAEs in general. The Taubman Center is also available to provide guidance on and connections to state and local governments clients for policy analysis exercises (PAE). If you are interested in one of the below policy areas for your PAE and are looking for help exploring different clients in state and local government, please contact Rafael Carbonell.   

Key Areas of Research: Any public policy issue related to state, county, or city government. This includes Autonomous Vehicles; Behavioral Science; Community Development; Economic, Business, and Workforce Development (including equitable economic development, entrepreneurship and small business development); Education; Health and Healthcare; Housing and Homelessness; Land Use; Public Infrastructure; Procurement and Results-Driven Contracting; Public Administration and Finance; Performance Management with Data and Technology; Regional governance; Transportation and Urban Mobility.