Enter Now for the 2024 Taubman Center Urban Prize
The Taubman Center Urban Prize

The Taubman Center Urban Prize recognizes achievement in urban policy. For this award, we are seeking papers that address domestic urban issues in the United States, including economic development, transportation, public infrastructure, land use, social capital, public sector technology and data utilization, procurement, and performance management.  

This is open to Harvard Kennedy School students, with a focus on entries that have been prepared originally as policy analysis exercises (PAEs). Submissions of all lengths are welcome, and there is no maximum word limit. Submissions/papers should be unpublished work, and only one submission per person/PAE team will be accepted. Award winner(s) will be determined by the Taubman Center’s reviewers, comprised of HKS faculty and staff. The winner(s) will be announced along with other HKS Class Day Awards during Commencement Week.   

Awards are based on the ability of the authors to clearly define a particular issue and to propose actionable steps toward alleviating or resolving the problem. Where applicable, papers should also include a concise review of past attempts to address the problem and how the recommended approach differs from what has been tried previously. Reviewers will also consider the feasibility of the ideas explored in the papers and whether the recommendations are based on a keen understanding of the policy climate in which they are being proposed. Other important criteria include clarity of composition, organization and presentation of information, and clearly delineated recommendations.  

Deadline to submit is May 6, 2024 at 9:00 a.m. ET.  

Apply here by the deadline to be considered for the Taubman Center Urban Prize.