Why is 51% of the population routinely excluded or implicitly discouraged from the cybersecurity field? Socialization factors, the perceived ‘brogrammer’ culture, a lack of effective role model and mentorship could contribute. Further down the talent pipeline, concerns about the retention of women in the field are acute, with limited latitude for maternity leave or stifled career advancement for women with families. Though cybersecurity is a relatively new field, efforts to correct the challenges cited above have been marginal and the representation of women in this field as a whole has remained static. To address this problem, Katharine is creating recommendations for how the New America Foundation can and should inform public and private sector organizations to increase the representation of women in cybersecurity. She is researching interventions that companies, universities, and non-profit groups have implemented to increase women’s representation in the cybersecurity field; developing case studies of industries in which women or other minorities have been underrepresented; and planning an event with the New America Foundation convening in November on women and cybersecurity.


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