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Elizabeth Linos
Many low-income households in the US miss out on social safety net benefits because of the information, compliance, and psychological costs associated with take-up of government…
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Amitabh Chandra
Vol. 4, Issue 10
The debate around prescription drug measures in the recently passed U.S. Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), which limit some patients’ out-of-pocket costs, has not fully addressed…
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Matthew Baum
Pages 1-20
Depression can affect individuals’ attitudes by enhancing cognitive biases and altering perceptions of control. We investigate the relationship between depressive symptoms and…
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Michela Carlana, Eliana La Ferrara
The "Tutoring Online Program" (TOP), launched in Italy in 2020, is an online educational reinforcement tutoring program that offered support to high school students affected by…
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Iris Bohnet, Edward H. Chang, Siri Chilazi
September 1, 2023, Opinion: "Most people believe in promoting DEI in the workplace. But implicit and unconscious biases — not to mention the constant juggling of priorities…
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Maya Sen
How has slavery shaped the politics of the United States over the last century and a half since emancipation? Our book, Deep Roots (Acharya, Blackwell and Sen, 2018), tackled this…
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Jenny Mansbridge
Vol. 3, Issue 3, Pages 24-31
Mark Warren grew up in a family that taught him a lot of lessons. In my third interview with Warren, as I probed for details of his life, he told me that his mother had been…
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Pippa Norris
HKS Working Paper No. RWP23-020
There is widespread concern that academic freedom is threatened by growing demands for intellectual conformity and attempted censorship from intolerant zealots involving ‘woke…
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Hannah Riley Bowles, Jorrit de Jong
How public, for-profit, and civic organizations working to address the same city-wide social challenge can find a common starting point.
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Hannah Riley Bowles, Amy Edmondson
July 6, 2023, Paper: "In 2019, Joyce Craig, the newly elected mayor of Manchester, New Hampshire, was …