Course Number

Course Title


AAAS 212A New Directions in Black Power Studies
AFRAMER 112 Black Humor: Performance, Art, and Literature
ANTHRO 2752 Hacker Culture and Politics
BETH 718 Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Bioethics
CHNSLIT 134 Strange Tales: The Supernatural in Chinese Literature
DPI 312M Sparking Social Change Through Arts and Culture
ECON 2330 History and Human Capital
Claudia GoldinGrowthPolicy Author
Lawrence KatzGrowthPolicy Author
ECON 2880 Economics of Science
ECON 2925 Early Stage Research and Discussions on the Economics of Health Equity
EDU BQO11C Equity and Opportunity: Gender and Sexuality in Context
EMR 1010 Topics in Latinx Studies: Imagining Latinidad
EMR 133 Power, Knowledge, Identity: Critical Approaches to Race and Ethnicity
ENGLISH 124SG Sex, Gender, and Shakespeare
ENGLISH 131P Milton's Paradise Lost
ENGLISH 149SB Literature, Science, and the Body in 18th-Century Britain
ENGLISH 152KD Keats Isn't Dead: How We Live Romanticism
ENGLISH 180VW Two Visionary Women: Julian of Norwich, Margery Kempe, and Company
ENGLISH 189VG Video Game Storytelling
ENGLISH 195BD The Dark Side of Big Data
ENGLISH 90KN Kinship Formations
ENGLISH 90T Toxic Rhetoric
ENGLISH CGF Genre Fiction Workshop: Sci-Fi, Speculative Fiction, Horror, The Ghost Story, The New Weird
FOLKMYTH 172 Quilts and Quiltmaking
FRENCH 117 The Politics and Aesthetics of Mourning
FYSEMR 41K Human Rights, Law and Advocacy
FYSEMR 63N Narrative Negotiations: How do Readers and Writers Decide
FYSEMR 63S Surviving Your First Year at Harvard: Lessons of Resiliency From Mexican Artist Frida Kahlo
FYSEMR 64U Stories of Gender and Justice
FYSEMR 65I The Modern City and its People: South Asia and Beyond
FYSEMR 71D Zen and the Art of Living: Making the Ordinary Extraordinary
FYSEMR 72U #Adulting: Social Science Perspectives on the Transition to Adulthood
FYSEMR 73C Race Science: A History
FYSEMR 73D The Wedding Complex: Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Love and Marriage
GENED 1093 Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Cares? Reimagining Global Health
GENED 1113 Race, Gender, and Performance
GENED 1159 American Capitalism
Sven BeckertGrowthPolicy Author
GERMAN 291 Questions of Theory
GHP 543 Humanitarian Negotiation on the Frontlines
Claude BruderleinInstructor
GOV 1029 Feminist Political Thought
GOV 94OA Inequality and American Democracy
GOV 94WP Women in Politics
GREEK 129 Dionysus and Greek Tragedy: Euripides' Bacchae
GREEK 150 Rhetoric and Scandal in the Athenian Lawcourts
HAA 162V Imagining Witchcraft: Women, Satire, and Enmity in Early Modern Visual Culture (from Dürer to Goya)
HDS 2019 Women, Power, and Freedom in Orthodox Christian Thought
HDS 2186 Women, Religion, and the Problem of Historical Agency
HDS 2202 Queering Congregations: Contextual Approaches for Dismantling Heteronormativity
HDS 3263 Black Religion and Sexuality
HDS 3547 The Buddhist Body, Its Materiality, and Its Moral Cultivation
HIST 1016 Immigration Law: A History of the Present