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The Center's programs focus on PhD education, inequality, criminal justice policy, and the achievement gap in public schools.


Dean Douglas Elmendorf announced Deming’s Academic Dean appointment and other HKS faculty leadership transitions.


Harvard Magazine features Sandra Susan Smith and her research on work and incarceration in an unequal, atomized America.


Faculty members and student editors develop new data visualization tools for translating research.


Jane Mansbridge talks about the importance of citizens’ assemblies in getting polarized groups to listen to each other.


Project on Workforce's report highlights stark challenges and transformative opportunities for the growing field of organizations seeking to connect postsecondary education with employment.


Maya Sen and Stanford’s Adam Bonica present a compelling argument about how the nation's courts have become political tools used by the two political parties to further their interests.


The Strada Education Network’s latest podcast features Center Director David Deming discussing the education-workforce system and how to improve the value of education for an increasingly diverse US workforce.


New research from the Project on Workforce highlights the need for better policies to aid US workers through job losses and job changes.


A Shift Project report evaluates the implementation of Seattle’s scheduling ordinance and its impact on retail and food service workers.


With the visionary support of Malcolm Wiener, HKS has developed pathbreaking ideas in social policy.


Each year, the Malcolm Wiener Center awards prizes for excellence in student research that best exemplifies the work of three remarkable individuals: Manuel Carballo, Susan Eaton, and Frederick Fischer. 

Manuel C. Carballo Memorial Prize
Sam Gilman (MPP) for: The Return on Investment of Pandemic Rental Assistance: Modeling a Rare Win-Win-Win

Mr. Carballo was a faculty member from 1978 to 1982. This prize is awarded for exemplary articulation of ideas related to the implementation, management, and evaluation of programs to serve disadvantaged populations in the U.S.

Susan C. Eaton Memorial Prize
Charlotte O'Herron (MPP) for : Alone but Not Forgotten: Supporting Boston’s Female Solopreneurs in the Wake of COVID-19

A student, alumna, and faculty member at Harvard Kennedy School from 1993-2003, Ms. Eaton was a tireless advocate for the rights of workers. The prize in her name is awarded to an outstanding paper on a topic related to human resource management; union leadership; health care quality, management, disparities and inequality; fair wage policies; work-family policies; gender equity, and aging.

Frederick Fischer Memorial Prize
Alex Domash (MPA/ID) for: Returning Power to American Workers And Raising Wages: How Collective Bargaining Reform Can Help Restore America’s Middle Class 

This prize honors the memory of Frederick Fischer, an alumnus of the MPP program and a committed public servant. Awarded for  an outstanding paper on a topic such as  criminal justice; economic and social mobility; workforce development; inequality; education; immigration; social services; and related social policy issues.


How Republicans came to embrace the big lie of a stolen election
The Guardian, June 13, 2021
Featured: Alexander Keyssar

Man told American Airlines about a scary moment on a plane. From there it got confusing
Miami Herald, June 11, 2021
Featured: Malcolm Sparrow 

Glynn to retire as CEO of Harvard Allston Land Co. 
The Harvard Crimson, June 11, 2021
Featured: Thomas Glynn 

Majority of America’s low-income workers who don’t take sick leave can’t afford to, report finds 
The Independent, June 11, 2021
Featured: Malcolm Wiener Center 

Racial wealth gap may be a key to other inequities
Harvard Gazette, June 3, 2021
Featured: Khalil Gibran Muhammad, David Deming

Connecticut workers deserve predictable hours
The CT Mirror, June 2, 2021
Featured: Daniel Schneider 

More than 100 scholars, including 9 from Mass., sign statement warning of threat to American democracy
Boston Globe, June 1, 2021
Featured: Jane Mansbridge 

Dozens of Massachusetts racial profiling complaints include Black woman pinned by Boston mall guards
CBS News, May 26, 2021
Featured: Khalil Gibran Muhammad 

Automation puts a premium on decision-making job
Axios, May 26, 2021
Featured: David Deming

George Floyd's legacy: Friends, family and activists reflect on his impact a year after death
ABC News, May 25, 2021
Featured: Khalil Gibran Muhammad

Why America Needs a Better Bridge Between School and Career
HBS, May 19, 2021
Op-Ed: Joseph Fuller & Rachel Lipson 

RBG's death casts a shadow over Breyer's upcoming decision as court takes a right turn
CNN, May 18, 2021
Featured: Maya Sen

A solution for hunger takes shape in Chelsea and Cambridge
Boston Globe, May 17, 2021
Featured: Jeffrey Liebman

New analysis finds pandemic may be worse than Great Recession for recent college grads’ job prospects 
CNBC, May 17, 2021
Featured: David Deming

Workforce Training Programs Need Employers at the Table
Governing.com, May 13, 2021
Featured: Rachel Lipson & The Project on Workforce

Axon is now selling VR training that won't stop cops from killing people
VICE, May 13, 2021
Featured: Khalil Gibran Muhammad

How communities of color are policed
WCVB, May 9, 2021
Featured: Khalil Gibran Muhammad 

RBG was right
CNN, May 8, 2021
Featured: Alex Keyssar

How to get people to talk to one another again? Citizens’ assemblies
Harvard Gazette, May 5, 2021
Featured: Jane Mansbridge

A tale of two pandemics: Europe and U.S. take different exits
The Christian Science Monitor, May 4, 2021
Featured: Marcella Alsan

We reviewed three at-home covid tests. The results were mixed. 
MIT Technology Review, May 4, 2021
Featured: Amitabh Chandra 

Krugman wonks out: The China shock and the climate shock
New York Times, April 23, 2021
Featured: Gordon Hanson 

With COVID spread, ‘racism — not race — is the risk factor’
Harvard Gazette, April 22, 2021
Featured: Ron Ferguson & Daniel Schneider

In Nubian Square, Black Bostonians exhale after Chauvin verdict, but fear unjust police killings will happen again
WGBH, April 21, 2021
Featured: Khalil Gibran Muhammad & Sandra Susan Smith 

Historian Khalil Gibran Muhammad: Policing in U.S. was built on racism & should be put on trial
Democracy Now!, April 21, 2021
Featured: Khalil Gibran Muhammad 

Jobs and jail
Harvard Magazine, May-June 2021
Featured: Sandra Susan Smith

Experts stress that more training won't eradicate police violence  
NBC News, April 15, 2021
Featured: Khalil Gibran Muhammad 

Harvard professor: Here’s how to ‘escape the trap of graduating into a recession’ 
CNBC, April 15, 2021 
Featured: David Deming

Some New Yorker’s don’t want the superrich to return
The New York Times, April 15, 2021
Featured: Khalil Gibran Muhammad 

Grocery workers died feeding the nation. Now, their families are left to pick up the pieces. 
NBC News, April 13, 2021
Featured: Shift Project

Are we in a new reconstruction? 
ABC News, April 7, 2021
Featured: Khalil Gibran Muhammad

Devah Pager, 46, Memorial Minute 
The Harvard Gazette, April 7, 2021
Contributors: David Deming, David Ellwood

Why have few Black people gotten vaccinated? Lingering mistrust has many hesitant
USA Today, April 7, 2021
Featured: Marcella Alsan

The Edge: The Best Ways to Spend Some of the Billions in Biden’s Big Jobs Proposal
The Chronical of Higher Education, April 7, 2021
Featured: The Project on Workforce

Corporate America is wading into the voting rights brawl. Here's why.
NBC News, April 3, 2021
Featured: Alex Keyssar 

Founders of nonprofit dedicated to BGLTQ, Black rights advocate defunding the police at HKS event
Harvard Crimson, April 1, 2021
Featured: Sandra Susan Smith 

An emphasis on diversity in Biden’s first court nominees
The Harvard Gazette, March 31, 2021
Featured: Maya Sen

To fight pandemic, people gave up liberties. Will they get them back?
Christian Science Monitor, March 25, 2021
Featured: Marcella Alsan

The economic costs of pre-trial detention
Brookings, March 24, 2021
Featured: Will Dobbie & Crystal Yang

Alternatives to policing
Harvard Magazine, March 18, 2021
Featured: Sandra Susan Smith

Covid-19 has transformed the welfare state. Which changes will endure?
The Economist, March 6, 2021
Featured: Rachel Lipson

One old way of keeping black people from voting still works
New York Times, March 5, 2021
Featured: Alex Keyssar

House passes landmark election bill as parties war over voting rights 
Los Angeles Times, March 3, 2021
Featured: Alex Keyssar 

I Forgot How to Hang Out
The Cut, March 3, 2021
Featured: David Deming

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