From October 7 to December 6, 2019, the Wiener Center is hosting the traveling exhibit Undesign the Redline: The Transformation of Race, Place, and Class in America, an explorative, interactive, and visioning framework for addressing systemic challenges of Redlining.


On October 29, Gita Gopinath, Chief Economist of the International Monetary Fund spoke on "Trade Tensions and the Future of the Global Economy." This event was held in the John F. Kennedy, Jr. Forum at HKS.


New books, articles, case studies, reports, and working papers are frequently added. Read more about the Center's working papers and faculty publications.


The Center's programs focus on PhD education, inequality, criminal justice policy, and the achievement gap in public schools.


With the visionary support of Malcolm Wiener, HKS has developed pathbreaking ideas in social policy.


On October 28, Emmanuel Saez, Professor of Economics and Director of the Center for Equitable Growth, University of California, Berkeley spoke on "The Triumph of Injustice." 


New faculty member Will Dobbie talks about the common threads linking criminal justice, education, and consumer finance.


On September 11-13, Harvard celebrated the career of  sociologist William Julius Wilson, the Lewis P. and Linda L. Geyser University Professor at Harvard University.


HKS has named David Deming as the faculty director of the Malcolm Wiener Center for Social Policy.  He began his appointment on July 1, 2019.


Educators have praised “The Formula: Unlocking the Secrets to Raising Highly Successful Children” as one of the most comprehensive studies on parenting.


Harvard Kennedy School Professor Khalil Gibran Muhammad discusses the role religion and ethics have played in his life at the "Life Matters" talk.


The world’s top economists just made the case for why we still need English majors
The Washington Post, October 19, 2019
As more students shift toward majoring in computer science or engineering, many economists argue that studying the humanities might be the better choice in the long run. 
Featured: David Deming

Think ‘Medicare For All’ is the only Democratic health plan? Think again
USA Today, October 14, 2019
Robert Blendon talks about the Democratic presidential debates and voters’ concerns over how to pay for medical care. 
Featured: Robert Blendon

The Land of Our Fathers, Part 2
The New York Times, October 11, 2019
Listen to the finale of the 1619 Project Podcast in which Khalil Gibran Muhammad discusses the lawsuit that lead to the largest civil rights settlement in history.    
Featured: Khalil Gibran Muhammad


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