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Staff & Fellows

Evelyn Bellew
Research Fellow

Annie Chen
Research Fellow

Alexandra Epstein
Research Project Coordinator, Project on Workforce

Ed Ha
Director of Finance and Research Administration

Nadia Huffman
Project Coordinator, Project on Evaluating NCCHC Accreditation on Health Care 

Tasfia Jahangir
Project Coordinator

Matthew Lavallee
Program Coordinator, Stone Program in Wealth Distribution, Inequality & Social Policy

Lukas Leister
Research Fellow

Rachel Lipson
Project Director, Project on Workforce

Dan Ma
Research Fellow

Jessica McClanahan
Project Coordinator

Cong Peng
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Miguel Purroy
Research Fellow

Isabella Roden
Director of Communications and Outreach

Aaron Roesselet
Financial Associate

Rohan Sandhu
Project Manager, Reimagining the Economy Project

Stephanie Taube
Research Fellow

Edward Walker
Administrative Assistant

Ben Weidmann
Research Director, Skills Lab

Brian Welch
Program Administrator, Program in Criminal Justice Policy and Management

Barbara Whalen
Executive Director

Connor Williams
Research and Data Analyst,  Shift Project

Xingyu Ye
Research Fellow

Abigail Zhing
Research Fellow

Elaine Zundl
Research Project Director, Shift Project