The Economics and Social Policy Seminar Series draws leading economists to campus to share their empirical research on issues related to inequality and social policy. The series is hosted by the Malcolm Wiener Center for Social Policy. The faculty organizers are Desmond Ang, Luis Armona, and Elizabeth Linos.

The seminar will meet every Tuesday from 12:00pm to 1:00pm in a hybrid format.

Joint seminars with Harvard Economics, Opportunity Insights, and the Malcolm Wiener Center for Social Policy will be held on Wednesday, March 6th, and Wednesday, March 20th, from 12:15-1:15pm in Malkin Penthouse.

To receive more details and instructions for attending the event, please sign up for the seminar mailing list.

Spring 2024 Schedule

2/20/2024 Gordon Hanson (HKS): How Does Place-Based Policy Work?  WEX-434AB; 12pm-1pm; join by Zoom


Anuj Shah (University of Chicago, Booth School of Business): A Cognitive View of Policing  WEX-434AB; 12pm-1pm; join by Zoom.


Janet Currie (Princeton): The Hidden Cost of Firearm Violence on Pregnant Women and Their Infants Malkin Penthouse;  12:15-1:15pm join by Zoom.


Spring Break 


Ilyana Kuziemko (Princeton): Title: TBD  Malkin Penthouse;   12:15-1:15pm join by Zoom.


Chris Walters (Berkeley Economics): Who gets what may not matter: understanding school match effects  WEX-434AB; 12pm-1pm; join by Zoom. 


Nava Ashraf  (London School of Economics): Meaning at Work WEX-434AB; 12pm-1pm; join by Zoom. 


Sandra Black (Columbia): Intergenerational Correlations in Longevity in the US  WEX-434AB; 12pm-1pm; join by Zoom. 


Will Dobbie (HKS): Growing Class Gaps, Shrinking Race Gaps, and the Sociological Mechanisms Underlying Recent Trends in Economic Mobility  WEX-434AB; 12pm-1pm; join by Zoom. 

4/23/2024 Conrad Miller (Berkeley): Labor Demand for Workers with Criminal Records  WEX-434AB; 12pm-1pm; join by Zoom. 
4/30/2024 Stephanie Cellini (George Washington University): The Impact of Occupational Licensing Requirements on Students and Colleges: Evidence from Cosmetology Programs  WEX-434AB; 12pm-1pm; join by Zoom. 
5/7/2024 Fiona Scott Morton (Yale): Does Social Media Toxicity Reduce Cooperation?  WEX-434AB; 12pm-1pm; join by Zoom. 

Please contact with any questions about this event.