The Program in Criminal Justice Policy and Management (PCJ) is a RESEARCH program. If you are interested in obtaining a degree from Harvard Kennedy School (HKS), you can explore the various degree programs offered at HKS:

Student Engagement

There are many ways for Harvard students to become involved with the Program in Criminal Justice Policy and Management:

  • Based at the Harvard Kennedy School (HKS), the student-led Criminal Justice Professional Interest Council (PIC) convenes students from across the University and Degree Programs Student Affairs creating a network for shared communication around courses and events;
  • Harvard students may apply for awards for travel or incidentals to support course requirements, get advice and support around career development, or be involved in research projects;
  • Student work opportunities as well as funding for summer internships for Harvard students. The Program also funds and hosts student fellows during the academic year.

Focus on PCJ Interns and Fellows

Meet the PCJ Summer Interns! The PCJ Summer Interns selected for 2015 are: Enumale Agada, Christopher Izant, and Alex Rothman. Read about these PCJ Summer Interns and the work they're doing this summer ... learn more

PCJ Academic Year Fellow

Congratulations to Emily Terwelp who has been awarded the 2015-2016 Academic Year Fellowship from the Program in Criminal Justice Policy and Management at Harvard Kennedy School. Check back in August when we'll be posting more about our newest AY Fellow.

Learn more about the PCJ Fellowship program, the PCJ Summer Internship program, and other student opportunities available through the PCJ.

PCJ Supports Student Research

What do studying disadvantaged mothers of teenagers living in poor Southern US neighborhoods and how they understand, experience, and strategize around systems of crime control in their daily lives have in common with studying the impact of methamphetamine and crime on daily life in Native American tribal reservations? What does understanding the relationship between in-prison programming and successful prisoner reentry in Massachusetts have to do with historic data on prison admissions and releases in Massachusetts since 1972 or understanding the trends of mass incarceration and mass deportation? The connecting thread is funding from the Program in Criminal Justice Policy and Management (PCJ). Each topic represents a current research project from Harvard Doctoral Candidates Asad L. Asad, Monica Bell, Blythe George, Abena Subira Mackall, Margot Moinester, and Jessica Simes... MORE

Past Events for Students

  • Justice in an Era of Mass Imprisonment
  • The Week We Shaped the Future of Policing (series)
  • Challenges to Democracy: The Future of Policing
  • Crises in Cities: What's Next?
  • Lessons from the US Criminal Justice System: Applications for Youth & International Development
  • Criminal Justice Lunchtime Talk (series): What Happens to Prisoners Once Released? with Bruce Western
  • A Discussion with Philip J. Cook on The Dubious Role of Research-Based Evidence in the Gun Debate
  • Harvard Event: Prison USA: The Dilemmas of Mass Incarceration
  • Book Talk and Reception with Mark Moore, Recognizing Public Value
  • Careers Seminar addressing summer internships, careers, and Policy Analysis Exercise (PAE) strategies
  • Screening and Discussion of the film, The House I Live In
  • Building a 21st Century Policy to Address Domestic and Global Drug Challenges
  • Rule of Law Engagement in Post Conflict States – Where Now?
  • Visiting Fellow John Paterson addresses Criminal Justice Student PIC, Discussion About Youth Violence in Scotland

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Student Stories and Videos

Harvard Kennedy School is the most international of Harvard’s graduate schools, with students from more than 75 countries. And they come from a variety of backgrounds — from the public, private and non-profit sectors — united by the goal of making the world a better place. Their stories say a great deal about their aspirations, commitment and passion, and about the Kennedy School’s role in training the next generation of public leaders. Learn more about these students who have chosen to focus on the criminal justice field as featured in our Student Stories and Video Gallery pages.