Voir Dire logoVoir Dire is an interview-based podcast about criminal justice reform. Sometimes, we share the conversations taking place on Harvard’s campus; other times, we start conversations outside of those small classrooms. Working or living in the criminal legal system can habituate you to the cruelty and wastefulness of the whole thing. In this podcast, we try to contextualize these systems, pick the brains of the most thoughtful people in criminal justice reform, and think big about how to ameliorate the mass incarceration crisis. Our episodes are played between three and ten thousand times each.


Schuyler Daum is a practicing attorney and former public defender in Massachusetts. She started this podcast while a student at Harvard Law School, where she completed a JD/MBA. She also serves as the Facilitator of the Program in Criminal Justice’s Roundtable on Racial Disparities in Massachusetts Criminal Courts.


Want to know where to start or interested in exploring the archives? Here are some of our most popular episodes:

  • Mental Illness & the Criminal System with Alisa Roth
  • Big Data Policing with Andrew Ferguson
  • Punishment Without Crime with Alexandra Natapoff
  • Public Defenders with Jonathan Rapping
  • We Are All Criminals with Emily Baxter
  • The Psychological Traumas of Leaving Prison with Wesley Caines
  • The Rise of Big Data Policing with Andrew Ferguson
  • The Criminal Injustice System with Alec Karakatsanis
  • Restorative Justice with Fania Davis
  • Attorney-Client Relationship as Locus of Inequality w/ Matthew Clair

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