PCJ Collaborative Indicator Development Method

PCJ Toolkit on Indicator Development in Justice and Safety

Annotated Guide for Indicator Development in Justice and Safety: Using Stories from Governments to Describe the Process

Indicators as Servants of Development: A Summary of the HKS PCJ Project on Indicators of Justice and Safety

Problems of Power in the Design of Indicators of Safety and Justice in the Global South

Strengthening the Rule of Law by Measuring Local Practice, One Rule at a Time (starts on page 21) from HILL & WJP report, Innovations In Rule of Law. (Todd Foglesong and Christopher Stone)

Country Case Studies

Judicial Performance Evaluation in Ethiopia: Local Reforms Meet Global Challenges (Selen Siringil Perker)

Where is the Power in Community Policing? (Mila Cerecina)

Indicators as ‘Design Space’ in Development: Supporting a Culture of Experimentation Inside Policing (Mila Cerecina, Todd Foglesong)

The New Response to Sexual Violence in Sierra Leone: Structural Adjustments and Indicators in the Course of Justice Reform (Todd Foglesong)

Pitfalls in the Design of New Indicators of Police Performance: Lessons from Jamaica about Research, Operations, and Measurement in Police Reform (Andres Rengifo, Todd Foglesong)

Filing Legal Advice in Lagos State: A Case Study of Indicators and Organizational Development (Todd Foglesong)

Prison Exit Samples as a Source for Indicators in Pretrial Detention (Todd Foglesong and Christopher Stone)

Encouraging Trends in Pretrial Detention in Russia, Research in Brief (Todd Foglesong)

Working with Administrative and Survey Data

Prison Exit Samples as a Source for Indicators in Pretrial Detention (Todd Foglesong and Christopher Stone)

Better Servants of Development: Improving Surveys as Sources of Indicators of Public Safety (Todd Foglesong)

Three Things Surveys Can Do for Development, Surveys of the Population and Voices of the Poor

Connecting Local and International Indicators

Making Ends Meet: Connecting the UN’s Hopes for the Rule of Law with National Ambitions for Justice (Todd Foglesong's remarks to UN at meeting on "Rule of Law" )

Who Needs a Millennium Development Goal for Justice and Safety?, A new MDG?

What does a “bottom-up” approach to indicators really mean?

Aligning Indicators & Ambitions: How to Improve Indicators Used in Programs to Reduce Violence Against Women & Girls (Todd Foglesong)