fbpx Video Series -- Developing Governance Indicators in Justice and Safety: A Country-Led Approach | Harvard Kennedy School

From 2009-2016, with support from the UK Department for International Development, the Program in Criminal Justice Policy and Management (PCJ) at Harvard Kennedy School pioneered a country-led approach in developing governance indicators in justice and safety across the globe.

The PCJ created a series of short videos to share the key principles of its collaborative and locally-driven approach that emerged during the Indicators in Development: Safety and Justice project. The series features practical examples from Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, and Jamaica, in addition to experience gained from related projects in Papua New Guinea, China, and Turkey.

We hope this series will benefit a wider audience of government officials and NGO leaders, as well as other local and international actors that aim to support them in their efforts to construct, test, and use governance indicators that matter nationally and make sense locally.

Speaker headshot.An Introduction to Governance Indicators in Justice and Safety
May 22, 2016

Speaker headshot.Aligning Governance Indicators with Local Ambitions in Justice and Safety
June 28, 2016

Speaker headshot.A Local Indicator of Pretrial Detention: Experience in Nigeria
July 14, 2016

Speaker headshot.Using Existing Data and Data Management Capacity for Indicators of Justice and Safety
August 22, 2016

Speaker headshot.Making Indicators Responsive to Changes and Interventions in Justice and Safety
September 19, 2016

Speaker headshot.Integrating Justice and Safety Indicators into Institutional Culture – Part 1: Experiences in Bangladesh and Nigeria
October 31, 2016

Speaker headshot.Integrating Justice and Safety Indicators into Institutional Culture – Part 2: The Experience in Ethiopia’s Courts
November 28, 2016

Speaker headshot.Aligning Indicators with Sectoral Goals in Justice and Safety
December 21, 2016