Past Events

The Reimagining the Economy Project brought together researchers and policy practitioners from around the world to take stock of the range of current thinking in productive development policies.


Local economic development practitioners from across the country discuss the challenges that small, distressed, and rural communities encounter while accessing federal and state funds and  the type of coordination required among local actors.


The Reimagining the Economy Program invited Professors Raj Chetty and Michael Sandel to engage in a conversation moderated by Professor Dani Rodrik, on the American Dream and the value American society places on higher education


Alexander Gazmararian and Dustin Tingley in conversation with Gordon Hanson, on their new book Uncertain Futures


The Reimagining the Economy Project  together with  the Aspen Economic Strategy Group will be hosting a webinar titled Local Labor Market Impacts of the Energy Transition, featuring Gordon Hanson, Melissa Kearney, and John Podesta

The Reimagining the Economy project convened 20 economists and political scientists for a workshop on firm support policies, including management and entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial ecosystems, and tax incentives. 


Dr. Heather Boushey, Congressman Ro Khanna, and Professors Danielle Allen and Edward Glaeser discuss the U.S.'s development challenges, and the need for local experimentation and place-based policies.