Dani Rodrik and Joseph Stiglitz argue that developing economies are at a turning point and need a new growth strategy based on green investment, labor-absorbing services, and new industrial policies focused on these areas


Mariana Mazzucato and Dani Rodrik discuss how conditionalities can be applied to catalyze investment, innovation and growth that is aligned with the goal of shaping more sustainable, inclusive, and resilient economies.


A considerable literature that has developed in recent years providing rigorous evidence on how industrial policies work. Dani Rodrik, along with  Nathan Lane and Réka Juhász review the standard rationales and critiques of industrial policy and provide an overview of new approaches to measurement


The United Kingdom faces a good-jobs challenge. The British economy falls short on inequality metrics on the one hand, and average household disposable income levels on the other. Vidit Doshi, Huw Spencer, and Dani Rodrik set out what a new approach for the UK economy could look like.


Economic policy needs to be guided by an overall animating vision. Dani Rodrik describes an approach he calls "productivism," which prioritizes the dissemination of productive economic opportunities throughout all regions of the economy and segments of the labor force.


Society’s transition toward more sustainable energy sources is well underway. But substantially reducing the use of fossil fuels will profoundly disrupt the communities that currently dedicate themselves to carbon-intensive industries. Gordon Hanson writes for the Aspen Economic Strategy Group.


A modern industrial policy would need to move beyond the traditional focus on manufacturing and globally competitive industries to the service sector and smaller and medium-sized firms. Dani Rodrik writes for the Brookings Institution's Hamilton Project. 


Conventional welfare state policies are inadequate to address labour market polarization. Dani Rodrik and Stefanie Stantcheva propose a strategy aimed directly at the productive sphere of the economy and targeting an increase in the supply of ‘good jobs’


 Insights on the economy from outside mainstream economics, unpacking the inequality-perpetuating features of existing institutions, successful institutional arrangements, and alternative institutional trajectories 


Distilling research insights from papers on industrial policy, local labor markets, and the energy transition 


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