We work with students across Harvard in a variety of ways

Our faculty advise Harvard Kennedy School students on Policy Analysis Exercises (PAEs) and Second-Year Policy Analyses (SYPAs) on a range of themes, in the U.S. and internationally. The broad themes that we are interested in include, place-based industrial policy, local labor markets, regional economic development ecosystems and institutional arrangements, and the energy transition. We are happy to work with students to identify potential clients and practitioners. 

We also support Study Groups  led by graduate students. These provide an opportunity for students to curate sessions and speakers around a specific theme pertaining to our project. 

We also engage students - undergraduate and graduate students - as Research and Project Assistants. We occasionally advertise specific opportunities - these will be able on KNet and on our website. Doctoral Researchers engage with us in a variety of ways - let us know if you're interested in our work.

Email us at reimaginingtheeconomy@hks.harvard.edu.