Current opportunities

The Reimagining the Economy Project has various openings for current Harvard students, to support our research, strategy, and products. In general, we're looking for candidates with strong interpersonal skills and a positive attitude. Time commitment is typically 5-10 hours a week. We’re looking to hire students for the following projects starting May 2024. Please apply using this form

  • U.S. Place-based institutions: This project will focus on the role of different types of local economic development organizations in the U.S., and unpack their histories, trajectories, capabilities, metrics of success, impact, and leadership. We’re interested in understanding the various roles that these entities play and how they collaborate with other institutions. Research Assistants will review existing literature on regional economic development organizations in specific regions; interview practitioners in the field; document findings and code insights; and write case studies. Candidates should have strong qualitative research skills, attention to detail, ability to navigate ambiguity, and excellent writing and interpersonal skills.
  • Community colleges: This project - a partnership with the American Institute of Research - will investigate community colleges that graduate students with workforce credentials of value, through qualitative interviews and focus groups with college leaders to better understand what may be contributing to their ability to produce these outcomes. Our goal is to identify generate hypotheses about the determinants of strong workforce pathways that can be tested more rigorously.  We are seeking individuals with strong qualitative methodological training that can join our qualitative team to conduct these interviews, code and analyze the data, and identify themes. Research Assistants will assist in outreach and scheduling for recruitment of study participants, facilitate interviews and focus group, code and analyze thematic findings, and support summative report writing.
  • Energy transition in West Virginia: this project will work closely and intensively with a local energy transition economic development organization in West Virginia, to analyze their suite of programs directed at workforce training efforts and delivery of federal policies and programs. Researchers will survey program clients and stakeholders, measure program outcomes, and create strategies to disseminate learnings to a wider set of stakeholders in the sector. This project will require RAs to make a site visit to West Virginia in June 2024, and will likely evolve into a Policy Analysis Exercise (PAE) supervised by Professor Gordon Hanson. Ideally, we'd want to recruit a team of rising MPP2s who'd be available starting Summer 2024, until the conclusion of the PAE.