• Rohan Sandhu


For much of the past few months, President Joe Biden’s administration has been trying to drum up public enthusiasm around “Bidenomics”—an economic agenda formed around the logic of building the economy from the “bottom up and middle out,” a departure from decades of failed trickle-down economics. While the administration of policy is seldom dazzling enough to be accorded a rallying cry, “bottom up” might also be the mantra for the administrative apparatus undergirding the implementation of the programs that make up Bidenomics. Consider, for instance, the most recent Department of Energy announcement of seven Hydrogen Hubs across the country, selected from among 79 proposals. Each of these hubs is powered by a network of regional stakeholders taking a specific approach to produce and use clean hydrogen.


Sandhu, Rohan. “Bottom Up Bidenomics.” Time, October 16, 2023.