Climate, Energy, & Environment Professional Interest Council

A Student-Run Organization at Harvard Kennedy School

Mission: The Climate, Energy, and Environment Professional Interest Council (CEEPIC) provides a focused community for Harvard Kennedy students to explore and engage with the complex challenges of the global climate crisis. Each semester, CEEPIC organizes a variety of events related to climate, energy, and the environment that bring students together with faculty, policy makers, and subject matter experts. 

CEEPIC also works in partnership with the Sustainability Leadership Council to identify opportunities to integrate conversations about climate, energy, and the environment as core parts of the HKS curricula and student experience.

CEEPIC events are open to HKS students and the wider Harvard community. Our members' interests span many different policy domains, and we strive to ensure the diversity of perspectives, expertise, and lived experiences among our members is reflected in our programming.

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2023-24 Leadership Team

Adriana Melchor

Adriana Melchor - Co-Chair

Adriana Melchor is a second-year MPP candidate at the Harvard Kennedy School. Her research interests lie in understanding emerging challenges to global energy security and climate diplomacy, and designing policies to support emerging and developing economies in their energy transition. Over the summer Adriana worked at Climate Policy Initiative, where she led research on how international and public financial institutions can better advance the goals of the Paris Agreement. She is also a Belfer Young Leaders Fellow at the Belfer Center, where she will support research activities in energy and climate policy. Before HKS, Adriana was a Policy Adviser to the UK government's COP26 Private Finance campaign and also held several policy advisory roles at the UK Financial Conduct Authority and Goldman Sachs. She holds a BSc in Social Policy and Government from the London School of Economics. 

Peter Huette

Peter Huette - Co-Chair

Peter Huette is a second-year MPP candidate at the Harvard Kennedy School, with a focus on geopolitics and energy. He worked for the German Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and as a policy consultant in the energy space. The global transition to a more sustainable energy mix has significant geopolitical and macroeconomic implications. At HKS, Peter is aiming to better understand the primary challenges of global energy security and to discern how the hydrocarbon sector can drive the green transition rather than hindering it. Currently, Peter serves as a lead research assistant with the Belfer Center’s Geopolitics of Energy Project. In this capacity, he conducts research on various topics, including the changing hydrocarbon market, critical minerals supply chains, and green industrial policies. He holds a BLA in Philosophy and International Relations from Maastricht University and an MSc in Politics & Communications from the London School of Economics.

Nate Graham

Nate Graham - Co-Chair

Nate Graham is a second-year MPP candidate and a research assistant on U.S. electricity policy with the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs. He is also an incoming teaching assistant for multiple HKS courses related to energy and climate change. This summer he was a policy intern at Atlas Public Policy, where he authored a report on U.S. road-funding options in the face of declining fuel-tax revenue and rising EV adoption. Nate previously worked at the Inter-American Dialogue, a DC-based think tank, as interim director of the Energy, Climate Change & Extractive Industries Program, among other roles. At the Dialogue, he wrote analysis on climate policy and the energy transition in Latin America and the Caribbean with partners such as the Inter-American Development Bank and authored op-eds in publications including the New York Times and Foreign Policy. Nate holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Economics with a minor in Environmental Studies from Washington University in St. Louis.

Rebecca Lin - Finance Officer

Rebecca Lin is a first-year MPP candidate at Harvard Kennedy School. At HKS, Rebecca is interested in exploring the intersection between climate change and agriculture, specifically the challenges associated with transitioning to a more sustainable food system and the potential trade-offs between environmental, economic, and health impacts. Rebecca previously worked as a management consultant focused on climate and sustainability at Boston Consulting Group. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Public Policy from the University of Chicago.          

Vibhi Dixit - Communications Officer

Vibhi Dixit is a second-year MPP student at the Harvard Kennedy School with interests at the intersection of climate finance and energy transition. During the summer, she interned at the International Finance Corporation, supporting the sector economists conduct project evaluations in sectors including energy. Before coming to HKS, as part of her role at Invest India, she worked extensively with the Indian Ministries of Power, and New and Renewable Energy, focusing on investment promotion for power and renewable energy infrastructure projects. She was also involved in the design of a green framework for infrastructure project evaluation for India. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in Political Science from the University of Delhi.

Ryan Silber

Ryan Silber - Events Officer

Ryan Silber is a Mid-Career MPA candidate, government sustainability practitioner for the past seven years, and a member of the 2023-24 Harvard University Council of Student Sustainability Leaders. Spending over five years in the California Governor’s Office of Planning and Research and the Strategic Growth Council, Ryan managed over $1.2 billion in place-based investments, managed California’s Environmental Leadership Development Project certification program; contributed to statewide plans and policy for greenhouse gas mitigation, climate change adaptation, housing production, and displacement avoidance; led interagency working groups; and coordinated his Office’s first ever racial equity action plan. His focus is on catalyzing transformative investments, supporting inclusive development that reduces impacts of climate change and supports vulnerable communities in urban, suburban, and rural areas. Ryan holds a B.B.A. in Finance, Economics, and Operations Management with an Environmental Studies certificate from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Siddharth Gulati

Siddharth Gulati - Events Officer

Siddharth Gulati, a first-year MPP student at Harvard Kennedy School, embodies a fervent commitment to reducing carbon emissions and reshaping international financial systems to align with environmental goals. His passion is evident through his past work, including being the Principal Researcher in the 'Pollution-Free India project,' conducted in collaboration with the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India and endorsed by the President's Secretariat. Siddharth also serves as an ambassador for the Sakura Japan-Asia youth science program, showcasing his dedication to fostering global scientific cooperation. Additionally, as the co-founder of PeaceX (a member of UNEP MGCY), he actively contributes to creating a sustainable future. Siddharth's impactful initiatives extend to his previous work with the Government of India, where he focused on meaningful projects related to upskilling and women empowerment. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Political Science from St. Stephen's College, New Delhi, India.

Ala’a Kolkaila

Ala’a Kolkaila - Networking Officer

Ala’a Kolkaila, an economist and sustainability expert, has over a decade of experience in various roles, including working for the Egyptian government and international organizations, focusing on sustainability and economic development. Ala’a has served as an advisor to ministers in Egypt, significantly influenced national and regional programs, and developed impactful policies in various sectors. Ala’a earned her MA in Economics from Universität Phillips Marburg, Germany, in 2013. In 2021, she joined MIT School of Management as a visiting fellow and is currently a Mason Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School, pursuing her mid-career Masters in Public Administration.

Aruni Ranaweera - Networking Officer

Aruni Ranaweera is a community organizer and policy advocate committed to creating more equitable and resilient cities. Aruni managed the Catalyst program at the New York City Parks Department’s Partnerships for Parks division, where she advanced grassroots community organizing efforts in public-housing adjacent parks and greenspaces. She founded Partnerships for Parks’ CommonGround initiative that leverages community organizing principles to advance interagency coordination between New York City’s public space stakeholders. Aruni served on Mayor Eric Adams’ Community Visioning Council for the Brooklyn Queens Expressway corridor redesign initiative where she helped direct federal infrastructure funding toward creating greenspace access for communities divided by urban renewal policies. Aruni served in the Leadership Committee for Transportation Alternatives’ Brooklyn Activist Committee where she worked with Community Boards and City Council members to pass resolutions and issue recommendations to redesign streets and intersections to prioritize cyclist and pedestrian safety and usership. Aruni was a core volunteer on Council Member Shahana Hanif’s campaign to become the first Muslim and first South Asian woman to be elected to NYC City Council. Aruni is pursuing a Master of Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School where she was awarded the Public Service Fellowship for outstanding commitment to serve the public sector. She graduated from Rice University with a BA in Economic & Statistics and is an alumnus of the NYU Wagner Fellowship for Emerging Leaders in Public Service.

Oliver Harfield

Oliver Harfield - Social Officer

Oliver Harfield is a second-year MPP candidate at the Harvard Kennedy School. His research interests lie at the intersection of climate change and growth. Over the summer Oliver worked at the U.S. Development Finance Corporation where he drove research into how the U.S. government should invest in energy projects in low- and middle-income countries. Before HKS, Oliver worked in consulting and at a logistics startup company in Indonesia. He holds a BA in Public Policy from the University of Michigan.