fbpx Commencement 2019 | Harvard Kennedy School

Juan Manuel Santos MC/MPA 1981, former president of Colombia and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, delivered the graduation address to the Harvard Kennedy School on Wednesday, challenging members of the Class of 2019 “to lead with hope, not fear.”

Jake Moore: Adjusting the flight plan

In 15 years as a Navy helicopter pilot and instructor, Jake Moore MC/MPA 2019 has flown missions across the Asia-Pacific theater and beyond, including in support of Special Forces. With the new ground he has covered as a student at Harvard Kennedy School, he has prepared for his next step with the Navy—and for a civilian career beyond.

Amanda R. Matos: A proud Bronx native fighting for progressive change

Raised in the Bronx, Amanda R. Matos MPP 2019 is very proud of her roots. As Matos puts it, with the election of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to Congress and the success of entertainer Cardi B, New York City’s northernmost, and often most maligned, borough is having “a moment.” But Matos had always believed in her community, giving back through the creation of The WomanHOOD Project, a nonprofit she founded that teaches leadership to young women of color like her.

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Recognizing the achievements of graduates, as well as faculty members and staff, who have made significant contributions to the HKS community


Remarks by Juan Manuel Santos MC/MPA 1981, former president of Colombia and Nobel peace laureate


Remarks by Dean Doug Elmendorf, followed by the Diploma Ceremony

Ryan Swann: A Story of Service

Just days after Ryan Swann MC/MPA 2019 and his identical twin brother, Bryan MC/MPA 2019, accepted their diplomas in 1998 at Prince George’s County Largo High School in Maryland, the brothers enlisted in the Marine Corps Reserve and were en route to basic training in Parris Island, South Carolina.