June 2021

Maintaining the health and well-being of everyone is a key priority for Harvard Kennedy School. We have a collective responsibility to keep one another safe and healthy, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Unless we work together to uphold this responsibility, we put ourselves and one another at risk.

Community Norms and Expectations to Keep HKS Healthy:

  • Be mindful of your personal responsibility to support the health and well-being of everyone on campus and beyond. It is important to recognize that there are individuals in our community who are high risk themselves or have family or loved ones that are at high risk. 
  • Read and make sure you understand all communications related to COVID-19 sent by Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard University. Policies can change quickly, so ensure that you know the latest information.
  • Follow all COVID-19 health guidelines set by national, state, and local government agencies and by Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard University, including those related to hygiene practices, gatherings, and travel.
  • While on campus, be especially vigilant and respect that Harvard University and Harvard Kennedy School guidelines might adhere to a stricter standard than those of national, state, and local government agencies.
  • Both on and off campus, set an example of respect and accountability, and encourage other members of the Kennedy School community to adhere to all health guidelines and policies.

You play a vital role. Together, we can keep HKS healthy.