fbpx Course Schedule Updates | Harvard Kennedy School

Please note the following changes for Spring 2017:


API-102AShepard, Markmoves to L130 from L280

API-102ZLiebman, Jeffreymoves to Starr from Land

API-202AGoodman, Joshuamoves to Land from 1 Brattle 401

API-202BShoag, Danielmoves to L280 from Land

API-202ISchaner, Simonemoves to 1 Brattle 401 from Starr

API-202ZChandra, Amitabhmoves to Starr from L280

API-206Matuszeski, Janinamoves to Weil from L280

API-210Svoronos, Theodoremoves to Starr from Land

BGP-620Frankel, Jeffreymoves to L280 from L332

DPI-101HBaum, Matthewmoves to 1 Brattle 401 from Weil

DPI-101IMasoud, Tarekmoves to Land from Starr

DPI-101JGaray, Candelariamoves to L230 from 1 Brattle 401

DPI-330BJarding, Stevenmoves to L280 from L130

DPI-340Wright Rigueur, Leahmoves to L130 from L332

MLD-500Livingston, Robertmoves to Land from Starr

MLD-602Behn, Robertmoves to L280 from Weil

MLD-617MHartmann, Francismoves to L130 from L280

MLD-829MBByers, Carlmoves to Land from L280

PED-115Campante, Filipemoves to L280 from T275

SUP-206Deming, Davidmoves to Weil from 1 Brattle 401

SUP-578MDafny, Leemoremoves to L130 from Land

SUP-601Mayne, Quintonmoves to L280 from L382