Juan Jimenez Photo

Juan Jimenez

Lecturer in Public Policy

This course has two objectives: first, to systematically explore the nature of change in the development process, and of the associated role of policy and institutional design; and second, to illustrate the use of the range of concepts and techniques learned in other MPA/ID core courses in the diagnosis of development change. This will include the normative analysis of change (applying various concepts of well-being, efficiency, social justice and poverty), the application of economic concepts (to the interpretation of household and firm behavior, strategic interactions and economy-wide patterns), and the role of political, governmental and social behavior in shaping the possibilities for, drivers of and resistance to change. This will be undertaken through a mixture of discussion of overall patterns backed by a strong focus on case studies in particular country settings. Examples of topics are education, health, economic growth, the management of financial crises, pension reform, managing common property resources, international migration, community development, the design of decentralization and corporate structure. The core teaching will be complemented by a visiting speaker series, from the worlds of ideas and practice, to both expose students to a variety of perspectives and actual experience; this will be drawn both from faculty and outside the school.

This course is required for first-year MPA/ID students. It is not open to non-MPA/ID students. Please note, this is one half of a yearlong course. Students enrolled in the fall section will automatically be enrolled in the spring section.