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Julia Minson

Associate Professor of Public Policy

We negotiate every day. We negotiate with co-workers, bosses, subordinates, clients, salespeople, romantic partners, and many others. MLD-224 is designed to build your understanding, skill, and confidence so that you achieve better outcomes in all your negotiations -- large and small. In this course you will learn how to increase the quality of the agreements you negotiate so as to maximize potential value, and also how to claim as much of that value for yourself as you can. A basic premise of the course is that great negotiators are not born, but made through thoughtful, evidence-based skill building. Thus, the course is structured around three types of activities: 1) Applying analytical skills to gain a strategic understanding of negotiation contexts; 2) Learning empirically validated techniques for advancing your interests; 3) Practice, practice, and more practice.

MLD-224 serves as a prerequisite for the January course MLD-280 (Advanced Workshop in Multiparty Negotiation and Conflict Resolution). MLD-224 cannot be taken for credit with MLD-223 (Negotiating Across Differences) or HLS 2195 (the HLS Negotiation Workshop). Students must be available Tuesday from 4:15 p.m.- 6:00 p.m. to participate in group exercises.