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Leonie Beyrle

Adjunct Lecturer in Public Policy


This course delves into the complex and multi-faceted world of technology governance – a critical aspect of shaping the way technology impacts society and vice versa. In addition to traditional lawmaking, governance encompasses a broad range of venues and mechanisms within the private and public sectors, nationally and internationally, both binding and nonbinding. This course aims to equip policymakers and other stakeholders with the insights and tools needed to navigate this complex tech governance ecosystem. Students will learn how to (i) map the key governance venues relevant for a given technology issue and how those venues interact, (ii) identify leverage points within this ecosystem where small changes can have maximum impact and (iii) pick the right policy tools (including non-traditional ones) to effect change.  Amongst other things, we will cover case studies related to generative AI, data privacy, cybersecurity, and content moderation.