Jonathan Zittrain Photo

Jonathan Zittrain

Professor of Public Policy, HKS; George Bemis Professor of International Law, HLS; Professor of Computer Science, SEAS


The use of machine learning has skyrocketed in recent years, becoming embedded retail and wholesale across society without substantial reflection on its implications. Through engagement with those building some of the most provocative models and tools - many of which have become part of the public imagination - we will see what gives their builders pause; reflect on possible solutions or mitigations; and develop suggestions about what they might be missing in their own canvassing of the ethical and policy terrain.

Prerequisite:  Admission to the course is by permission of the instructor. Students should complete the application at this link: . Applications should be completed by October 16, 2023 for November 1, 2023 admission decisions and thereafter rolling admission may be considered after this date as required.

Also offered by the Law School as 3226. Please note, this is a jointly offered course hosted by another Harvard school and, accordingly, students must adhere to the academic and attendance policies of that school.