Pinar Dogan Photo

Pinar Dogan

Lecturer in Public Policy

Competition policy aims to protect and promote market competition. The New Economy is characterized by digitization, network effects, big data, and dynamic competition, and raises new issues for competition policy. This module develops a systematic way of thinking about competition issues in the New Economy. The course has two main objectives. First, it builds on microeconomics concepts and frameworks from API 101 (or similar intermediate microeconomics courses) to equip students with the main economic tools relevant to competition policy. Second, it presents a framework for the competitive implications of business practices in the New Economy. We will explore topics such as abuse of market dominance, vertical restraints, collusion, and mergers in tandem with recent antitrust cases in the New Economy (such as European Commission v. Google LLC, United States v. Apple Inc., etc.).

Students not meeting the API-101 prerequisite, but with an equivalent intermediate microeconomics background may apply to the instructor for permission to enroll.