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Eric Rosenbach Photo

Eric Rosenbach

Lecturer in Public Policy

The world needs a new generation of policymakers and private sector professionals who understand the complex nexus of cyberattacks, information operations and international politics.  This course introduces students to the operational, policy, technical and legal challenges of preventing and responding to cyber and information attacks.  Students will begin the class by learning the fundamental aspects of how the internet works:  networking, protocols, software and hardware. Students will then assess digital societies’ vulnerabilities, analyze the threat of hostile actors, explore the features of recent attacks, and devise courses of action for the international community and private sector.  This course is highly interactive: the instructor uses cases and the Socratic Method.  The instructor personally worked on many of these cases, including Russia’s interference in elections, ISIS’ use of social media, North Korea’s hack of Sony Pictures and Iran’s destructive cyberattack against Saudi Aramco.  This course also focuses on developing the professional skills that new policymakers --and private sector cyber experts-- need to succeed after graduation.  In addition to sharpening students’ policy formulation skills, students will learn to provide basic operational, legal, and technical analysis for each of the cases covered.  The instructor previously served as the Pentagon Chief of Staff and as the Department of Defense “Cyber Czar.”