Arthur Brooks Photo

Arthur Brooks

Professor of the Practice of Public Leadership

Archon Fung Photo

Archon Fung

Winthrop Laflin McCormack Professor of Citizenship and Self-Government
Timothy O'Brien Photo

Timothy O'Brien

Lecturer in Public Policy
Robert Wilkinson Photo

Robert Wilkinson

Lecturer in Public Policy and Leadership

Leadership in any type of organization — governmental, civic, or private sector — requires the effective management of oneself and others. This course introduces students to best practices in both of these areas through academic research, discussion, case studies, simulations, and other activities. At the individual level, the aim of this course is to help students discern their purpose and passions, discover their core strengths, engage conflict constructively, and understand and manage limitations. At the group level, this course aims to help students engage effectively in diverse teams and learn to bring out the best in others in order to achieve common purpose together.

This course relies on many different intellectual disciplines, from social psychology, to communications, to philosophy, to management science. As such, it will stretch every student and allow everyone to learn new material, synthesize experiences, and share an experience of growth. Class activities and deliverables will be designed to allow each student to personalize the material. This will include an individual assessment and strategic plan on how to optimize the student’s career at HKS and become the most effective leader possible in subsequent years.

MLD-501M is a required course in the core curriculum of the MPP program. Enrollment is restricted to only MPP first-year students. Exemptions and section changes are not permitted. Auditors and cross-registrants are not permitted. Please note, students are required to attend an additional session on Tuesdays from 4:15-7:00pm.